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Feed Your Grass Not The Weeds

Our treatment plan prioritizes killing weeds before they start so that all the nutrients we put in the soil can be used by your grass, not the weeds. Don’t worry, if a pesky weed does sneak through we’ll come kill it for free.

You will get the best results if the lawn receives rain or is watered shortly after each application. If possible, wait a few days before mowing.

Treatment Plan

Preemergent First Application

Starting mid-March we begin to put down the first round of preemergent. It attacks weeds before they get a chance to germinate. It kills crabgrass, chickweed, foxtail and many other noxious weeds before they get a chance to sprout.

Preemergent Second Application

Doing a second round of preemergent 6-8 weeks after the first provides improved weed control. It can also provide “post emergence” control of early-stage crabgrass growth. Both the first and second rounds of preemergent also contain fertilizer to help feed your lawn during the spring.


APSA 80 is a spray application that helps your soil maintain the moisture it receives allowing you to water less during the hot summer months. It also helps maximize the results of weed and pest control products.

Grub & Fertilizer

Helps control grubs and other insects that will attack your grass. Also, helps feed the lawn during the harsh summer heat.

Fall Fertilizer

As temperatures cool, now is a good time to feed your lawn to help it get healthy and green again after harsh summer heat.


This slow release fertilizer will feed your lawn over the winter and help it green up faster in the spring.

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